A lovely photograph in honour of all the mothers on this side of the Atlantic. I say this because Mothers Day in the States is on the 9th May, which has always been a source of confusion for me, given that's where both my children live:)

ferne 1

A quick painting exercise using a photograph of Sir Sando in Vienna.

Sir Sando of Vienna

march 4 110

Frame 1

Quick sketch with black magic marker and a little water colour around the face where I want more detail.

march 10 017

Frame 2

Mapping the markings on the face

march 10 018

Frame 3

Using a mix of burnt sienna, cadmium orange and winsor violet I map the markings on the body. I then throw bright gouache opera rose and winsor violet into the background.

march 10 020

Final frame

I bring some of the background colours into the forground for balance.

march 10 027

'In the Year of Our Ford' is from Albous Huxley's book, Brave New World.

Last evening when watching Requium for Detroit, an excellent documentary about the fall of this 'great American city' - I was reminded of Huxley's book and his visions for the 'eutopia' that Henry Ford saw as he brought mass production and consummerism to the masses.

To me, what has happened to Detroit is very clearly a case of 'what goes around comes around'. A city built on greed, violence and racism, ultimately has to collapse.

Detroit shows us first hand what happens when mere humans actually believe that they hold control over the natural order of life and nature.

Let it be a warning to us all. I do believe that if we continue to conduct our lives based on Ford's vision for a future of mass production and consummerism, we really are doomed to fail catastrophicly, just as Detroit has!

On a brighter note, the sun is shining in Kent this morning, and so I hope to take photogarphs of some of the plants and shrubs in my Mother's garden as they are ready to explode with colour.

A Bientot